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Discover the Quirky World of Badgers: Top 13 Fun Facts You Never Knew!

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Get ready to unearth the burrow of bewitching badger trivia as we dig into the delightful world of these mysterious, striped creatures.

1. Life-long Burrow Architects

When life gives you badgers, they pretty much dig their way through it: These excavator extraordinaires can construct tunnels of up to 30 meters in length, utilizing the same burrow system for centuries! Possessing up to 40 entrances, their underground abodes, known as setts, boast multiple levels and chambers tailor-made for snoozing, snuggling, and baby badger-making, all thanks to their mighty claws and razor-sharp chompers.
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2. Home Maintenance Guru Badgers

With a relentless work ethic that would put Martha Stewart to shame, badgers could moonlight as home maintenance gurus and burrow decorators extraordinaire: These furry do-it-yourself enthusiasts not only dig their underground homes at lightning speed, but they also meticulously clean and renovate them, with European badgers even passing down their well-kept burrows for up to a century!
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3. Badger-Fox Roommate Benefits

Who says you can't mix business and pleasure? Badgers and foxes believe in work-from-home and roommate benefits: Eurasian badgers not only live harmoniously with red foxes in shared burrows, but they also exchange services like badgers maintaining cleanliness in the burrow while foxes provide food scraps, and their grooming habits include using claws and teeth to keep their badger buddies spick and span.
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4. Badger Burrow Suburbs

In the wild world of real estate, they say it's all about location, location, location – and apparently, badger burrows are prime property for a whole host of woodland critters! Who knew badgers were the suburb creators of the animal kingdom?: A study on American badger burrows revealed 31 species of animals, including 12 mammals, 18 birds, and a solitary reptile, taking advantage of these underground dwellings for activities ranging from bathing to foraging.
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Truffle Pig Impersonators

5. Truffle Pig Impersonators

Badgers: nature's very own truffle pigs, equipped with an extraordinary sniffer and a general cluelessness about the world around them. Especially when it comes to HGTV and matching socks: Their exceptionally powerful sense of smell is their prime asset for communication, food scavenging, and detecting hidden threats, although their vision and hearing abilities leave much to be desired with limited color vision and poor resolution.
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6. Ninja Excavator Physique

Digging with the prowess of a ninja excavator, the badger is a marvel with a surprisingly delightful and petite physique, throwing dirt parties as it creates extensive underground lairs: These solitary creatures use their powerful legs and long claws to expertly excavate burrows, consisting of both shallow tunnels for hunting and deep, grass-lined dens for raising their young, with mating season occurring between late summer and early fall.
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7. Swiss Army Badger Diet

Don't let their grumpy faces fool you; badgers are the Swiss Army knife of the animal world, with a taste for everything from earthworm ice cream to hedgehog kebabs: These furballs are omnivores and happily feast on a smorgasbord of grub like insects, fruits, legumes, and small mammals – even venturing into the realms of venomous snakes and the prickly hedgehog – sporting teeth tough enough to bite through their unconventional meals.
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8. Honey-Loving Waltz

Prepare for a sugar-craving tango in the animal kingdom, as badgers waltz their way into beehives for a sweet rendezvous: Both American and European badgers share a common love for honey, sometimes raiding beehives while also feasting on fruits, nuts, small animals, and earthworms in their diverse, omnivorous diet.
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9. Snake Charmer Badgers

Say hello to the ultimate snake charmer and rodent wrangler: the American badger. With a penchant for grassland cuisine, our dashing dirt-lover nabs pocket gophers, ground squirrels, and even rattlesnakes as a vital component of its all-natural diet.
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Underground Party Animals

10. Underground Party Animals

Badgers: the secretive, underground party animals of the animal kingdom that don't care for hibernation, but appreciate an impromptu siesta by casually falling into torpor now and then: They keep the party going by emerging during daylight hours to forage for food when human presence is low, while adult females cleverly leave their cubs at home, and young adults gain crucial life experience (and snacks) during solo daytime missions.
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11. Badger-Coyote Buddy Team

In a plot twist worthy of a buddy movie, these furry little excavators have forged an unlikely alliance for ultimate hunting success: badgers and coyotes team up to catch ground squirrels, with coyotes using their razor-sharp senses to spot the prey and badgers mastering the art of burrow invasion to snatch them up, leaving us all questioning, "Who needs a dog when you've got a badger?"
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12. Badger Foodie Survivalists

Badgers: the ultimate foodie survivalists! These furballs never cease to amaze with their ability to turn foraging into an art form, preparing their plate like Gordon Ramsay in an episode of Kitchen Nightmares: When the season forces demand, badgers strut their culinary flexibility by switching from their favorite earthworm hors d'oeuvres to delightful escargots, sensational slugs, and a colorful dessert of raspberries and blackberries.
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13. Hierarchy of Badger Hair

Whoever said you can't judge a badger by its hair clearly wasn't into wet shaving: Badger hair is graded into four main categories - pure, best, super, and silvertip - for use in making shaving brushes, with factors like color, texture, and water absorbency determining their place in the hierarchy of whisker-whisking tools. Silvertip takes the crown as the most coveted grade, while other non-standard varieties, such as finest and two-band badger, woo the hearts (and cheeks) of shaving enthusiasts and collectors alike.
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